In today's ever changing fast paced markets, accelerated marketing or auction is no longer thought of as a last resort. Many of the world's largest companies now use the auction method of accelerated marketing as a tool of rapid and positive change.

Below are several reasons why well-informed sellers choose the auction method of accelerated marketing for their company's assets.

1.  Time Value Of Money

Selling assets now, as opposed to later, guarantees more money in your bottom line. Consider the accumulated cost associated with holding your non-performing mortgaged property; thousands of dollars paid in interest, insurance, taxes and maintenance. These liabilities are often overlooked and can take a large portion of your bottom line revenues.

2.  Increased Values Demonstrated

Auction buyers come together for one competitive bid process, demonstrating the values and negotiating each other higher. Conventional sales methods always bargain down.

3. Auctions Focus Attention, Freezing Traditional Sales

Your property is exposed to a detailed advertising and marketing campaign  resulting in a public event on a specific day. The freeze occurs when, rather than spending valuable time shopping and negotiating for a possible sale, the prudent buyers set aside time on your specifically planned day to purchase items with little hassle and at their highest competitive bid.

4.  Sale Day Means Pay Day

y selling your property at auction, every interested buyer will make themselves available with money in hand on a specific day, the asset conversion process is so precise you will even know what day to make your deposit.