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In assocation with
Luman E. Beasley Auctioneers, AU 1775 AB 1441

Since 1977
Major Tricycle Manufacturer

Electric & Conventional Models
Home Of The Desoto Tricycle
Auction Type:  Online Timed (Live Now)
Closing Date:  Thursday, April  25, Starting at 10:00 AM Eastern
Address:  6620 Suemac Place - Jacksonville, Florida
Inspection:  By Appointment and Wednesday April 24th 9AM To 4PM
Auction Contact:  Luman Beasley Ph 904 631 1886 for appointment

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Thank you for your interest, if you have any questions regarding this auction please call us at 904 721 7001.

This Is Only a Partial Viewing For Your Conventence
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Partial View Of Inventory To Be Auctioned
Product Line Will Be Auctioned (Lot 123 In The Catalog)
(Call Mike For Details Ph. 662 574 0318)
14 Various Tricycle Models
New Electrical Trike Designs for Industrial & Recreational Use
Work In Progress (Frame Parts)
Phone Number Transfer
Customer Database
Jigs & Assembly Fixtures
Logos & Artwork
Tooling (Press Dies)
Frame Assembly Hardware
Vendor List
Assembley Hardware Inventory (Partial View) (Selling With Product Line)

Work In Progress (Partial View) (Selling With Product Line)
Jigs, Fixtures, Tooling & Assembley Tools (Partial View) (Selling With Product Line)
New Tricycle Inventory (268 Units To Be Sold)
Used Bikes & Trikes
New Parts Inventory (Partial View)
Tires & Wheels
Electric Drives & Lithium Batteries
Fenders & Brackets
Baskets & Aluminum Utility Boxes
Hubs & Cranks
Handle Bars, Seats, Covers & Flags
Miscellaneous Parts
Electric Forklift
Welding Shop
Hand Tools & Support
Shipping Supplies
Shop & Warehouse Support
Pallet Racking (Partial View)
Office Furniture (Partial View)